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Windows Phone Toolkit (Kinnara's fork)
Windows Phone Toolkit customized by Kinnara. Includes fixes, improvements, and more controls. This package also includes localized resources, XML documentation, and 76x76 ApplicationBar icons. Highlights: ApplicationBarSubmenu Submenu for an application bar item. FlipView Lets people flip... More information
1.2.0: 重构日志功能,支持自定义日志输出 1.2.1: 修复HttpClient默认超时错误的问题 1.3.0: 优化初始化时不能连接上metaserver的等待时间 1.3.1: 修复QueryString连接错误 1.4.0: 修复issure #18、添加SourceLink、更新包 1.5.0: 使用.ConfigureAwait(false)替代AsyncHelper来解决同步调用异步方法出现的死锁问题 1.5.1: 添加MultiConfig,支持合并多个IConfig