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Elastic is a framework that helps to simplify the "wiring" phase of our applications.
IIS Express Bootstrapper is a very simple library built to make easy run IIS Express from your C# code for a web application project. It's a great library for acceptance tests.
Bootstrapper provides a simple and flexible way to make your application's startup and shutdown behavior pluggable and extendable: * The bootstrapper provides a single entry point to startup and shutdown the application. * Fluent definition syntax allowing to expressively define the... More information
SIoC.NancyFx is a bootstrapper for NancyFx. This package will help you to work with NancyFx and SIoC.core IoC engine. After you install NancyFx and SIoC.core you only have to install this package and will be able to pass different interfaces to every NancyModule on the ctor.