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QnAMakerDialog for Microsoft Bot Framework
QnAMakerDialog for the Microsoft Bot Framework is a dialog that allows you to integrate the QnA Maker Service with a bot built on the Bot Framework. This dialog will take messages receieved to a bot and send them to a QnA Maker service (updated for v3 API) and return one or more answers. If no... More information
BestMatchDialog for Microsoft Bot Framework
BestMatchDialog for the Microsoft Bot Framework is a dialog that allows you to match a message receieved from a bot user against a list of strings and then carry out an appropriate action. Matching does not have to be exact and you can set the threshold as to how closely the message should match... More information
An implemention for v4 of the Bot Build .NET SDK of the Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Location dialog project built for Bot Builder v3. An open-source location picker control for Microsoft Bot Framework powered by Azure or Bing Maps REST services. This control will allow a user to search for a location,... More information
Events template for Microsoft Bot Framework chatbots. Currently supports dicovering events (e.g. from api.meetup.com) and registering for those events.
AIStudio AISAdapter - Microsoft Bot Framework
AIStudio is a desktop “AI Editor” application for designers and developers. It enables the rapid creation, deployment and management of complex personality based AI conversations. The AIStudio Adapter for Microsoft Bot Framework enables you to quickly build, test and deploy a bot directly into a Bot... More information