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ImageResizer.Plugins.PsdReader - Read and convert PSD source files
Adds instant ImageResizer support for .PSD source files, as if they were PNG or Jpeg files. No configuration required. Docs: http://imageresizing.net/plugins/psdreader Support: http://imageresizing.net/support Requires license, see http://imageresizing.net/plugins ## 30+ plugins... More information
Library that provides basic abstraction for Internet Content Type, and basic encodings and decodings. This includes handling and parsing of common data types, text, JSON, CSV, binary data and multi-part content, forms, etc.
A simple and fast .NET Standard image decoder for targa (.tga) and direct draw surface (.dds) images
Crockford Base32 encoding for 64-bit identifiers. In comparison to other, similar libraries, quickford focuses on speed and efficiency. Have fun saving electricity!