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A library that converts cron expressions into human readable descriptions. Supports 15 languages: English, Brazillian, Spanish, Norwgian, Turkish, Dutch, Chinese Simplified, Russian, French, German, Ukrainian, Polish, Romanian Italian, and Swedish.
Dynamic Expresso is an interpreter for simple C# statements. Dynamic Expresso embeds its own parsing logic, really interprets C# statements by converting it to .NET lambda expressions or delegates. Using Dynamic Expresso developers can create scriptable applications, execute .NET code without... More information
ASP.NET MVC Lambda Expression Helpers
Extension methods allowing using Lambda Expressions instead of magic strings in your ASP.NET MVC 5 application. Currently supported: - RedirectToAction(c => c.Index()) - RedirectToActionPermanent(c => c.Index()) - AddModelError(m => m.Property, "Invalid property") - Html.ActionLink(c =>... More information
NCalc is a mathematical expressions evaluator in .NET. NCalc can parse any expression and evaluate the result, including static or dynamic parameters and custom functions.
Remote Linq is a small and easy to use - yet very powerful - library to translate linq expression trees to strongly typed, serializable expression trees and vice versa. It provides functionality to send arbitrary linq queries to a remote service to be applied and executed against any enumerable or... More information
Expression Builder-Fluent runtime created C# Expressions
A fluent interface to create Lambda functions and expression waiting for Microsoft Roslyn. The documentation can be found on http://www.kendar.org/?p=/dotnet/expressionsbuilder. No knowledge of IL and System.Linq.Expression is needed. And even Lambda can be called. Available items are: Function... More information
WPF Themes
Collection of basic themes for WPF. Supported controls: Calendar, Button, CheckBox, RadioButton, ScrollBar, ListBox, Expander, ComboBox, ProgressBar, TextBox, PasswordBox, RichTextBox, Label, Menu, MenuItem, Separator, TabControl, Slider, TreeView, ToggleButton, GroupBox, ListView, ListViewItem,... More information