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MSBuilder: CodeTaskAssembly Property
Provides the $(CodeTaskAssembly) property which properly locates the right assembly to use for inline tasks depending on the currently executing MSBuild engine.
MSBuilder: XmlPoke preserving whitespace and formatting
Redefines the XmlPoke built-in task so that it preserves whitespace and formatting. Drop-in replacement.
MSBuilder: VsixInstaller
On a project that references the Microsoft.VSSDK.BuildTools package, enables installing extra VSIXes to the targetted Visual Studio version and instance by simply declaring them as @(Vsix) items: <ItemGroup> <Vsix Include="MyOtherExtension.vsix" /> </ItemGroup> The items will be installed only... More information
XText allows you to easily create a text based layout simply in code, including Paragraphs, inlines, formatting etc. Also gives the ability to conditionally writing out elements
MSBuilder: Inline Code Tasks Generator
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  • last updated 10/26/2018
  • Latest version: 0.3.4
  • msbuild inline
Authoring inline code tasks in C# in an XML file can be incredibly frustrating, without intellisense, compilation safety, tests, etc. This package automatically converts Task-derived classes in your project into inline tasks file you can import directly from your targets. Unit testing your... More information
MSBuilder: WriteItemsToFile write items and their metadata to an XML file in MSBuild format.
Writes items with their full metadata to an MSBuild project "fragment". The resulting XML file can be directly imported by an MSBuild project, or read on-demand by the ReadItemsFromFile MSBuilder.
MSBuilder: ReadItemFromFile reads items and their metadata to an XML file in MSBuild format.
Reads items and their metadata from an MSBuild project that contains an ItemGroup. For use together with the WriteItemsToFile task.
MSBuilder: NuGet - GetLatestVersion Task
Provides the GetLatestVersion task, which retrieves the latest published version of a given nuget package from nuget.org, and provides easy access to its various SemVer components.
MSBuilder: Run Task
Runs an executable with optional arguments, and returns the standard output as an output parameter. Usage: <Run Exe="$(Git)" Args="log HEAD" WorkingDir="$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)"> <Output TaskParameter="Output" PropertyName="HeadSha" /> </Run>
This project supplies compile time support for FeralExpressions. For every.cs file which contains a partial class with one or more expression bodied method, it creates an equivalent of that method which has the same logic, but is a static Expression property. For example, public static string... More information
Khan by: max2me
Inlines CSS from style tag with type=text/css-x for easier composing of backward compatible HTML emails.
MSBuilder: InstallVsix Task
Allows installing a Visual Studio Extension (VSIX) to arbitrary Visual Studio versions and registry hives. Example: <InstallVsix VisualStudioVersion="$(VisualStudioVersion)" VsixPath="MyExtension.vsix" RootSuffix="$(VSSDKTargetPlatformRegRootSuffix)" />
MSBuilder: RegexReplace Task
Allows applying a regular expression replacement for a pattern over an entire file or files. Example: <RegexReplace Files="@(Compile)" Pattern="/\* LICENSE \*/" Replacement="$(LicenseHeader)" />
The Validation framework for .NET provides an extensible data validation framework that allows for reusable validation rules. It can be used to validate a wide variety of data types ranging from simple value types to complex object graphs.