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DynamicPDF Core Suite brings tons of PDF creation and manipulation features into your Visual Studio application and includes full .NET Standard 2.0 support. Whether your need is to bring in an existing PDF document (for Form Filling, Form Flattening, Merging, Splitting, Adding New Pages, Stamping... More information
SmartAssembly MSBuild task allows you to protect your assembly automatically during build. Refer to documentation to learn more: https://documentation.red-gate.com/sa8/building-your-assembly/using-smartassembly-with-msbuild Installed and activated version of SmartAssembly is required to run this... More information
An efficient .NET library has been developed to work on assembly levels and use essential basic structures. This library contains various valuable tools related to Types, Instances, Objects, Reflections, Merging, Cryptographies, Performances, and General Tools. Indeed, there are so many utilities in... More information