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Bubble Navigation
🎉 A light-weight Android library to make beautiful Navigation Bar easily with ton of 🎨 customization option
MvvmLib Navigation, UI Composition and Mvvm classes. * NavigationSource: source for ContentControls, etc. * SharedSource: source for ItemsControls, Selectors (ListBox, TabControl, etc.) * AnimatableContentControl, TransitioningContentControl, TransitioningItemsControl: allow to animate content *... More information
Register NavigationActions and automatically dispose any IDisposable Page/BindingContext with AutoNavigationPage. Extends the NavigationPage and is completely compatible with it's standard functionality.
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  • view-engine
一个基于 HTML 解析的视图引擎
Elision Navigation Feature for Sitecore
This is the Elision navigation feature package to reference if you need to install the entire feature. If you are building a module or other code that just needs to reference Elision navigation feature, use the Elision.Feature.Navigation-redist package instead.
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  • mvvm navigation uwp
Library for Uwp with Navigation, Guards and view model participation. * Navigation * NavigationManager: allows to create and manage navigation services * FrameNavigationService: allows to navigate, go back, go forward, cancel navigation and notify viewmodel * ViewModelLocator: allows to... More information