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    • 8,037 total downloads
    • last updated 1/25/2022
    • Latest version: 0.2021094.2
    • rdkit
    .NET binding of RDKit Release_2021_09_4. Supports Windows (x86 and x64) and Linux (x64).
  • RDKit C sharp wrapper for RDKit Release_2023_03_2 Release Windows x64 Compatible with both .Net Framework 4.8 and .Net Core 3.1+ Git Master pull date : Fri 06/23/2023
    • 2,257 total downloads
    • last updated 8/14/2023
    • Latest version: 2023.8.10-RGDWithTautomericCore
    • rdkit ubuntu windows
    RDKit C sharp wrapper for Ubuntu 18_04 and windows 10/11 x64. Compiled using dotnet core RDKit branch RGDWithTautomericCore as of August 10 2023 Windows build based on RDKit Azure Pipeline. VS... More information
  • C# Wrapper for the RDKit C++ cheminformatics library with support for Windows (x86/x64), Linux (x64) and macOS (arm64 - Apple Silicon).
    • 386 total downloads
    • last updated 11/2/2019
    • Latest version: 2019.9.0-alpha1
    • rdkit ubuntu
    RDKit c sharp wrapper for Ubuntu 18_04. Supports ubuntu.18.04-x64 only. Compiled using dotnet core 2.2.402 RDKit branch 2019_09 Does not include PropertyPickleOptions (wrapper broken for this... More information