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A fluent Html helper for the popular bootstrap-table plug-in. Source and examples available at https://github.com/simonray/bootstrap-table.mvc For bootstrap-table plug-in documentation visit https://github.com/wenzhixin/bootstrap-table
MSTest does not support parameterized tests or row tests. The only solution is data driven tests, but that may be a bit much for simple tests. The framework has poor support for extensions, so this is an attempt to give support for parameterized tests from within a single test.
An Automated Role Based Access Control .NET framework
An Automated Role Based Access Control .NET framework with T-SQL Query Parser which automatically parse select, insert, update, delete queries (row and column level security) based on the logged in user role. It also maintains user interface entitlements like menu, submenu, screen and screen... More information
DSharp FrameWork: Name Address City (and more) Generator
Library to generate Mock (Dummy) Data. - Country Specific Values: USA, Netherlands, Belgium. - New functionality: SimpleGenerator (Static methods for single fields)