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A WPF control to provide a human-friendly way to select a date range. It shows two date pickers, list of range types, buttons to step back and forth. E.g. for the "Month To Date" range type, if today is 5/24/2017, the step back will be the period from 4/1/2017 to 4/24/2017.
Includes PooledList, PooledDictionary, PooledSet, PooledStack, and PooledQueue: based on the corresponding collections in System.Collections.Generic, but using ArrayPool internally to reduce allocations, and with some API changes that allow for better compatibility with Span.
CrossFormattedText Plugin for Xamarin and Windows
This library rapped some platform span class Android: SpannableStringBuilder(to ICharSequence iOS: NSMutableAttributedString(to NSAttributedString UWP: List of Inline Windows Phone 8: List of Inline Windows Phone 8.1: List of Inline Windows 8.1: List of Inline