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Just writes out all of the nuget powershell variables. Also writes out to the %temp%\NuGetPSVariables directory three log files: * nuget.variables.init.ps1.log * nuget.variables.install.ps1.log * nuget.variables.uninstall.ps1.log
An enhancement to Specflow DSL to be able to use dynamic test data in specflow steps by bringing in variables, regular expressions and simple calculations. **Examples**: - Create dynamic test data and refer it in another step When enter [[var=50]] //assign 50 to a variable named "var" Then... More information
Working with .netcore applications on Heroku, you have to manually update appsettings.json file from Heroku's Dashboard using environment variables. This package allows automatically getting all environment variables from Heroku and injects all variables (configurable) into the IConfiguration... More information