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Реализация ВКонтакте API для .NET. Список методов см. https://vknet.github.io/vk/
Citrina is a full-blown high-performance VK (VKontakte) API realization for .NET that offers full support of all existing methods. Docs: https://github.com/khrabrovart/Citrina
Реализация Вконтакте API для .NET. Примеры использования Вы можете найти на CodePlex: https://vkdotnet.codeplex.com/
Catharsis.Web.Widgets 2.8.0 Catharsis.Web.Widgets is ASP.NET MVC tag library, which provides useful social media widgets to include on web pages of your site. Web widgets are implemented as C# POCO objects that implement System.Web.IHtmlString and provide convenient fluent interface to work with.... More information