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TestApi is a library of test and utility APIs that enables developers and testers to create testing tools and automated tests for .NET and Win32 applications. TestApi provides a set of common test building blocks -- types, data-structures and algorithms -- in a simple, layered, componentized and... More information
Syncfusion accordion for WPF allows content to be organized in a vertically stacked list of items that is collapsible. Each item can be expanded to reveal the content associated with that item. Key features: • Display single or multiple elements at a time. • Lock the expand and collapse state of... More information
Syncfusion hub tile for WPF provides live updates and notifications similar to the Live Tile feature in Windows 8. Hub tiles can display images, a title, and a header. Key features: • Built-in transition effects. • Freeze and unfreeze options for transitions. • Options to change animation speed... More information
Control your LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kit! With this API, you can connect to and control your LEGO EV3 brick over Bluetooth, WiFi, or USB. This project provides libraries that are usable from the Windows desktop, Windows Phone 8, and WinRT (via .NET, WinJS and C++), along with full source code.
An on-screen keyboard component that enables text and shortcut input through touch, mouse or stylus events. The control works similarly to Windows Mobile embedded keyboard, letting users input text into the currently focused entry field.
The "Adornment" helper class provides static wireups for adornments and provides methods for adding ui controls to the adorner layer. <Border> <A:Adornment.Content> <!-- Add adorning content here --> </A:Adornment.Content> </Border>
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  • ixpanel WPF .NET
This project provides basic API integration for using Mixpanel from .NET applications.
EVO PDF Viewer Control for Windows Forms and WPF can be linked into any Windows Forms application to add PDF visualization and manipulation capabilities to your application. With EVO PDF Viewer for Windows Forms and WPF you can display a PDF from a specified file, navigate the document, print the... More information
Syncfusion PMML is a .NET library for predicting results based on predictive models written in Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) over input data in any WPF applications. Key features: • Predicts results against the loaded PMML model. • The results are exactly same as the results obtained... More information