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A T4 template to generate XmlSerializer classes that represent the XML Schemas (XSD) in the project. This is a fork of the XsdClassGen package, created in order to fix a few bugs and add small nice features. If you use this template inside a portable class library, then you should define the... More information
OverrideXml: dynamically change XML serialization attributes in code
Easy interface for changing behavior of XmlSerializer without changing the classes being serialized
XSerializer - Serialize *anything*
Encryption XSerializer's XML and JSON serializers support the concept of field-level encryption. Properties that are decorated with an [Encrypt] attribute have their values encrypted/decrypted automatically. The actual mechanism to encrypt these fields is exposed through the... More information
XmlSerializerHelper serializes and deserializes any .Net object from/to XML. It internally uses XmlSerializer which is part of the System.Reflection namespace. On top of XmlSerializer it adds a feature to preserve original type information.