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Prism is a fully open source version of the Prism guidance originally produced by Microsoft Patterns & Practices. Prism provides an implementation of a collection of design patterns that are helpful in writing well structured and maintainable XAML applications, including MVVM, dependency injection,... More information
Prism Scaffolder
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  • prism mvvm scaffold
A light scaffolder to generate views and view models for Prism 5.0 projects. To use this package run following command in nuget package manager console: Scaffold Add-ViewAndViewModel Person -force
System.Composition for Prism 6.3.0
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  • prism mvvm wpf
Use these extensions to build Prism applications based on lightweight MEF.
Epsiloner.Wpf.Navigation is a framework similar to Prism for building loosely coupled, maintainable, testable XAML application in WPF with objects as parameters. Provides a design pattern that are helpful in writing well-structured and maintainable applications. It allows to have each... More information
Prism MVVM Library
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  • MVVM
This package is intended for use with the Prism WPF Templates found on Visual Studio Gallery. (Though you are free to use it wherever you like.) Contains a ViewModelBase for Prism that will tell you if you are in Design Mode or not. (Copied from MVVM Light) Contains some Prism and... More information