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[Obsolete] CoreTweet.Streaming.Reactive
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[Obsolete] This package is no longer required to use streaming APIs with CoreTweet.
Streaming Percentiles, Average, Median etc
T-Digest is a relatively new online percentile and quantile estimation algorithm that can be used to estimate highly accurate values of the median, 90th percentile, 99th percentile etc of a data set while only storing a small constant fraction of the dataset. This is useful for computing percentiles... More information
Mixer Client Library
C# client library for Mixer streaming service: https://mixer.com For more information, please see our project site: https://github.com/SaviorXTanren/mixer-client-csharp
Resuming Action Results for ASP.NET MVC
Resuming Action Results brings support for HTTP Byte Range requests to ASP.NET MVC transparently. The ActionResults included in this package mirror the familiar FileResult actions. This supports iOS device streaming and download managers.