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Knockout.js External Template Engine


The Knockout.js External Template Engine extends Knockout.js to allow you to load templates asynchronously from a remote resource. It currently supports both native and jquery templates. Special thanks to Ryan Niemeyer for the assistance in getting jquery templates working in this version of the plugin.

To install Knockout.js External Template Engine, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

Install-Package Knockout.js_External_Template_Engine -Version 2.0.3

Release Notes

NOTE: The Knockout.js External Template Engine depends on "TrafficCop" and "infuser".  Both TrafficCop and infuser will pull down standard js libs (wrapped in an immediately executing function expression) and also AMD-format versions.  If you're working with Knockout, odds are you want the standard libs, not the AMD ones.

All 3 projects (TrafficCop, infuser and this plugin) will pull down debug, minified and gzipped versions.  Simply delete the ones you don't need.  In addition, "koExternalTemplateEngine" files ending in "_all" contain the "infuser" and "TrafficCop" dependencies already.  The other "koExternalTemplateEngine" files are just the Knockout.js External Template Engine itself - using one of those will require TrafficCop and infuser to be referenced separately in your SCRIPT tags.

IF ALL ELSE FAILS AND YOU'RE NOT SURE WHAT TO DO: Delete everything this nuget installs EXCEPT for the koExternalTemplateEngine_all.js file. :-)



Jim Cowart


2011 Jim Cowart (MIT)



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Version Downloads Last updated
Knockout.js... 2.0.5 41,135 Saturday, June 9, 2012
Knockout.js... 2.0.4 260 Wednesday, June 6, 2012
Knockout.js... 2.0.3 (this version) 1,270 Saturday, February 4, 2012