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Protocol Buffers is the name of the binary serialization format used by Google for much of their data communications. It is designed to be: small in size - efficient data storage (far smaller than xml) cheap to process - both at the client and server platform independent - portable between different programming architectures extensible - to add new data to old messages. protobuf-net is a .NET implementation of this, allowing you to serialize your .NET objects efficiently and easily. It is compatible with most of the .NET family, including .NET 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0, .NET CF 2.0/3.5, Mono 2.x, Silverlight, etc.

To install protobuf-net, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package protobuf-net -Version

Release Notes

* - fix: reader's position not resetting: eventually causes overflow on pooled instance; critical fix to 663
      * - add: Support for BCL immutable types (Microsoft.Bcl.Immutable)
      * - add: Remove some more allocations (IPredicate)
      * - add: ProtoReader recycling for heavy read throughput
                  - add: precompile uses alternative switch construct (android limitations)
      * - add: new key-signing options for precompile
                  - add: enum-passthru defaults
      * - fix: bug with length-prefix / naked enumerations
      * - update: protoc 2.5
                  - fix: various tweaks for Genderme
                  - fix: better support for "naked enumerables" (root enumerable objects)
      * - fix: bug in "precompiler" for lots of types
                  - add: support for default type factories (including extended callback signature support)
                  - fix: ImplicitFields parsing failing if assembly loaded dynamically
                  - add: experimental support for concurrent collections
                  - add: support for tuples with AsReference; better handling of default AsReference; improved AsReference error message
      * - fix: bug in protogen with default enums when no package is specified
      * - fix: nasty regression in r619, where GetSchema() could cause base-type corruption
      * - fix: GetSchema() should use ultimate base-type names when modelling inheritance
                  - fix: ensure precomile always generates a .ctor() on the concrete serializer
                  - add: support out-of-order fields when deseiralizing inheritance from other protobuf implementations
      * - fix: enum handling of ": byte" confusing signed/unsigned bytes
      * - fix: allow adding enum maps at runtime via MetaType
      * - fix: *Specified should work with non-public methods
                  - performance: pre-compiled serializers now use dictionary lookups where appropriate
                  - fix: nuget package for portable library should be more inclusive
      * - added precompiler support for internal-types and [InternalsVisibleTo(...)]-forwarding
                  - made AllowParseableTypes available on default type-model
      * - added phone8 support



Marc Gravell



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