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StructureMap is a Dependency Injection / Inversion of Control tool for .Net that can be used to improve the architectural qualities of an object oriented system by reducing the mechanical costs of good design techniques. StructureMap can enable looser coupling between classes and their dependencies, improve the testability of a class structure, and provide generic flexibility mechanisms. Used judiciously, StructureMap can greatly enhance the opportunities for code reuse by minimizing direct coupling between classes and configuration mechanisms.

To install structuremap, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package structuremap

Release Notes

Bugfix release.  See https://github.com/structuremap/structuremap/issues?milestone=2&page=1&state=closed for details



Jeremy Miller


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structuremap 882 Wednesday, April 09 2014
structuremap 1699 Monday, March 31 2014
structuremap 166019 Monday, August 13 2012
structuremap 2.6.3 83305 Sunday, August 28 2011
structuremap 2.6.2 11483 Saturday, February 19 2011
structuremap 2.6.1 4698 Saturday, February 19 2011