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This is a prerelease version of Npgsql.



Npgsql is a .Net data provider for Postgresql. It allows any program developed for .Net framework to access database server. It is implemented in 100% C# code. Works with Postgresql 8.4 and above.

To install Npgsql, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package Npgsql -Version 2.2.0-beta1 -Pre

Release Notes


Major highlights
Visual Studio DDEX support

Kenji Uno added support for DDEX. Now you can use Npgsql with Visual Studio data designer. This is a missing feature a lot of our users requested in the past. Kenji added a tutorial about how to use Npgsql with DDEX. You can find it here: https://github.com/npgsql/Npgsql/wiki/Visual-Studio-Design-Time-Support---DDEX-Provider#install-npgsqlddexprovidervsix
Entity Framework
David KarlaĆĄ added support for EFMigration and Database creation in EF6+

Now it is possible to start Code First projects without needing to create a database upfront. EntityFramework and Npgsql will take care of it.
Emil Lenngren added support for a lot of missing features of EntityFramework.

A list containing fixes from David and Emil as well as others for EntityFramework can be seen here: https://github.com/npgsql/Npgsql/issues?direction=desc&labels=entity+framework&milestone=2&page=1&sort=created&state=closed
SSLStream support

In this release, SSLStream is on by default.
If you want to use Mono.Security, you will need to use the following line in your code:

NpgsqlConnection.UseSslStream = false;

Note that in future releases, this option may not be available anymore as we are removing the dependency on Mono.Security assembly. Let us know in the forums if you have any problem with ssl when using SSLStream. This will help us check if we will be able to remove Mono.Security assembly.
Added support for JSON, JSONB and HSTORE datatypes

Shay added support for those datatypes.
Added GSSAPI support on Windows

Brian Crowell added support for GSSAPI on windows. [#170]
Removed support for protocol 2

Postgresql versions which use only protocol 2 are very old and don't receive support from postgresql group anymore. By removing this support, we removed a lot of code and can focus on functionalities provided by protocol 3.
Removed support for Postgresql 8.3 and below

In this thread, https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/npgsql-dev/omQ40Eq0HoA, we talked about making Npgsql support the officially supported postgresql versions. This means end of support for postgresql 8.3 and below in the Npgsql 2.2 and up. If you still need support for 7.x, please, use 2.0.x versions.



Francisco Figueiredo Jr., Josh Cooley, Dave Page, Jon Asher, Brar Piening, Chris Morgan, Hiroshi Saito, Jon Hanna, Federico Di Gregorio, Glen Parker, Shay Rojansky


Copyright 2002 - 2014 Npgsql Development Team



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Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
Npgsql 3.1.0-alpha5 541 Wednesday, November 18 2015
Npgsql 3.1.0-alpha4 28 Wednesday, November 18 2015
Npgsql 3.1.0-alpha3 1,279 Friday, October 16 2015
Npgsql 3.1.0-alpha2 128 Friday, October 16 2015
Npgsql 3.1.0-alpha1 1,023 Sunday, September 06 2015
Npgsql 3.0.2 7,241 Friday, September 04 2015
Npgsql 3.0.1 6,533 Tuesday, August 18 2015
Npgsql 3.0.0 3,895 Friday, August 07 2015
Npgsql 3.0.0-rc0002 536 Friday, July 17 2015
Npgsql 3.0.0-rc0001 155 Sunday, July 12 2015
Npgsql 3.0.0-beta0001 782 Monday, May 25 2015
Npgsql 2.2.7 6,050 Friday, September 18 2015
Npgsql 2.2.6 2,784 Thursday, August 27 2015
Npgsql 2.2.5 46,482 Wednesday, March 11 2015
Npgsql 9,852 Friday, February 06 2015
Npgsql 4,174 Tuesday, February 03 2015
Npgsql 2.2.3 19,084 Wednesday, November 26 2014
Npgsql 2.2.2 6,922 Saturday, November 01 2014
Npgsql 2.2.1 8,288 Wednesday, September 24 2014
Npgsql 2.2.0 4,827 Monday, September 01 2014
Npgsql 2.2.0-rc2 679 Sunday, August 17 2014
Npgsql 2.2.0-rc1 263 Tuesday, August 05 2014
Npgsql 2.2.0-beta1 (this version) 157 Wednesday, July 23 2014
Npgsql 2.1.3 16,002 Wednesday, April 09 2014
Npgsql 2.1.2 3,054 Friday, March 28 2014
Npgsql 2.1.1 1,732 Friday, March 21 2014
Npgsql 2.1.0 578 Wednesday, March 19 2014
Npgsql 2.1.0-rc1 686 Sunday, February 09 2014
Npgsql 2.1.0-beta1 1,262 Thursday, December 26 2013
Npgsql 21,411 Saturday, December 21 2013
Npgsql 2.0.13-beta1 1,482 Sunday, July 14 2013
Npgsql 26,901 Monday, December 17 2012
Npgsql 2.0.11 21,273 Sunday, February 06 2011