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A .NET library for parsing and generating Internet email messages.

To install MailLib, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

Install-Package PeterO.MailLib

Release Notes

Version 0.10.0:

- Character encoding conversion library moved out of this library (see [PeterO.Encoding](https://github.com/peteroupc/Encoding); currently uses version 2.0 of that library.
- Updated normalization and IDNA data to Unicode 9.0
- Normalization implementation renamed to NormalizerInput from NormalizerCharacterInput; the latter class is now deprecated
- Add GetHeaderArray, SetDate, and GetDate methods of Message class
- Add support for parsing several new header fields
- Date header field is included in generated messages
- Improve MakeFilename method of ContentDisposition class
- Fix bugs in Unicode normalization implementation
- Fixed several bugs and addressed corner cases in message generation, such as Quoted-Printable encoding
- In the .NET version of the source code, documentation is moved out of the source code and placed into a consolidated XML file
- SetBody method of Message class now returns the Message object that was edited
- Other bug fixes



Peter Occil


Written by Peter O. in 2013-2016. Any copyright is released to the Public Domain. (This applies to all the source code except the normalization and IDNA data. See https://github.com/peteroupc/MailLib/LICENSE.md for details.)



Version History

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MailLib 0.9.1 151 Friday, December 11, 2015
MailLib 0.8.1 97 Sunday, November 22, 2015