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Windows Store Application Library


Controls and utilities for Windows 8.1 XAML store applications.

To install Windows Store Application Library, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

Install-Package StoreAppLib -Version 1.2.0

Release Notes

* Windows 8.1 fix for DatePicker. Converted project into 8.1
* Minimum and Maximum Date properties added to date control
* Added Clear method and ClearCommand to date control.
* Fixed today selection in DateControl when no default date given.
* Added Arc, Pie and SolidColorBrushConverter. Fixed DatePicker for custom page
* Fixed Nuget package errors due to internal classes (exposed the classes)
* Fixed multiple event calling for app bar button
* Charm Setting control added.
* Bug fix: Time control arrow font changed to Segoe UI Symbol.
* Time control added.
* Popup manager added.
* Nuget Release content fix
* Nuget Release content fix
* Nuget Release
* Page header textblock with global navigation menu.
* Month control update - Move page up if month textbox is behind keyboard.
* AppBar button - Customization option and more than six menu items. (Incompatible with
* Month control with keyboard like layout.
* AppBar button with customizable popup menu.
* Count converter to count a property of elements in a nested collection during binding.
* Tap effect.
* Date time converter for data binding.
* Concatenation converter to join a property of elements in a nested collection during binding.



Suresh Kumar T


Copyright 2012 Suresh Kumar T



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