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Unmanaged Exports (DllExport for .Net)


A set of compile-time libraries (nothing to deploy) and a build task that enable you to export functions from managed code to native applications.

That means, you can create plugins in a managed language like C# or F# for native applications that only have a C-Api (like Notepad++).

The nuget package is all you need. Just mark your methods with [DllExport] and build for x86, x64 or ia64.


- You have to set your platform target to either x86, ia64 or x64. AnyCPU assemblies cannot export functions.

- The export name defaults to the method name and the calling convention to stdcall. If that's all what you want, you can just use [DllExport] without parameters.

- You cannot put your exports in generic types or export generic methods. (The CLR wouldn't know what type parameters to use)

To install Unmanaged Exports (DllExport for .Net), run the following command in the Package Manager Console

Install-Package UnmanagedExports -Version 1.2.7

Release Notes

- will use the most recent version of Microsoft.Build.Utilities.ToolLocationHelper to have a greater chance of finding the exact ildasm/ilasm for the project's target framework version

- no longer fails the build when it can't find lib.exe

- proper overridable MSBuild properties (see tools/RGiesecke.DllExport.targets)



Robert Giesecke



This package has no dependencies.

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