Vapolia.WheelPicker 4.7.2 License Info

Vapolia.WheelPicker 4.7.2


== License Types

You need a license to use this product.
A license gives you the right to use the component.

There are two main license types:
- Personal
- Enterprise

Additionnaly, there are special license types:
- Open source
- Free 90 days

An account registration is required to get a license.

== Personnal license

For one physical developer only.
Can be used in any number of projects.
Non transferable license: it is tied to the developer's personal name.
It must be renewed after one year, otherwise a nag screen will appear.
Source code not included.

== Project/Enterprise license

The license is tied to your whole company, not to a developer. 
You need one license per application using the component. An application is an app on a store or MDM, or a native os app (for example a .exe on Windows).
It must be renewed before it expires, otherwise a nag screen will appear.
Source code included!

You may need to customize the project/enterprise license, for example you may need a perpetual license.
We can discuss this together

== Open source

The open source license is free. You need one license per open source app.
It must be renewed before it expires, otherwise a nag screen will appear.
The open source license apply to this component, not to the open source project. 
Any license used by the open source project does not apply to this component.
The open source license can not be used in an open source library. The project must be an app.
Source code not included.

==  Free license

This license can only be requested once per account.
You are not allowed to publish an app using this license on any store or MDM.
This license file must be included and available for display from within the app.
It has no other restriction.
After 359 days, if you don't get another license, a nag screen will appear.

== FAQ

- Do you provide a test license
Yes, check the free license

- Do you provide open source licenses
Yes, contact us with the project url on github or another open source hosting repository.

- Does the licence expire
Yes, depending on the plan you choose.

- Is the component checking the validity of the license online, or can it be used offline too (or on a restricted network) ?
The license check is always done 100% offline.