Xamarin.Agora.Voice.iOS 2.2.0

Xamarin bindings to the native iOS Agora Voice SDK.

Xamarin bindings to the native iOS Agora.io Voice SDK.

Install-Package Xamarin.Agora.Voice.iOS -Version 2.2.0
dotnet add package Xamarin.Agora.Voice.iOS --version 2.2.0
paket add Xamarin.Agora.Voice.iOS --version 2.2.0
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Release Notes

v2.2.0 (Released May 4th, 2018)
New Functions
1. Play the audio effect in the channel
Added a publish parameter in the playEffect method, to enable the remote user in the channel to hear the audio effect played locally. For details, see the description for playEffect in Voice Call API.


If your SDK is upgraded to v2.2 from a previous version, pay attention to the function changes of this API.

2. Deploy the proxy at the server
Agora provides a proxy package for enterprise users with corporate firewalls to deploy before accessing the services of Agora. For details, see Advanced: Deploying the Enterprise Proxy.

1. Audio volume indication
Improved the enableAudioVolumeIndication function. The method, once enabled, sends the audio volume indication of the speaker in its callback at set intervals, regardless of whether any user is speaking in the channel.

2. Network quality detection during a session
To meet the customers’ need for real-time network quality detection in the channel, the onNetworkQuality method improved its data accuracy. For details, see the description for onNetworkQuality in Voice Call API.

3. Lastmile quality detection before joining a channel
To test if the customers’ network condition can support voice or video calls before joining the channel, onLastmileQuality changed the detection from a fixed bitrate to the bitrate set by the customer in videoProfile to improve data accuracy. When the network condition is unknown, this callback is still triggered at two second intervals. For details, see the description for onLastmileQuality in Voice Call API.

4. Audio Quality Enhancement
Improved the audio quality in music playback scenarios. To achieve high-fidelity music playback, you can set Scenario:AgoraAudioScenarioGameStreaming = 3 in the setAudioProfile API. For details, see description for setAudioProfile in Voice Call API.

5. Bitcode support
Added support for Bitcode, which enables app optimization and thinning by the App Store. The package size of the Bitcode SDK is 2.5 times that of the normal one.

Issues Fixed
Fixed occasional echo issues caused by some iOS devices.
Fixed occasional screen display abnormalities when a large number of audience joins a host in a live-broadcast channel.

Known Issues and Limitations
To use the startAudioMixing API, ensure that the iOS device is 8.0 or later.
Encryption does not interoperate with the Web SDK (based on Web RTC).
Bluetooth on iPhone 8 is not supported.

The security keys are improved and updated in v2.1.0. If you are using an Agora SDK version earlier than v2.1.0 and wish to migrate to the latest version, see Token Migration Guide.

origin: https://docs.agora.io/en/2.2/product/Voice/Product%20Overview/release_ios_audio


This package has no dependencies.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
2.2.0 (current) 30 5/21/2018
2.2.0-beta1 29 5/21/2018
2.1.4-beta1 71 1/23/2018
2.1.3 42 4/23/2018 47 4/12/2018
2.1.2 60 4/10/2018
2.1.1 66 3/19/2018 65 3/9/2018
2.1.0 64 3/8/2018
2.0.3 64 12/18/2017 61 12/18/2017
2.0.2 77 12/15/2017
2.0.2-beta1 69 12/15/2017
1.14.0 71 10/24/2017
1.14.0-beta1 57 10/24/2017 64 9/29/2017
1.13.1 66 9/29/2017
1.13.1-beta1 60 9/29/2017
1.13.0 70 9/13/2017
1.13.0-beta1 59 9/12/2017
1.12.0 75 8/18/2017
1.12.0-beta1 62 8/18/2017 96 7/12/2017 82 7/12/2017 100 6/16/2017 90 6/16/2017 90 5/25/2017 80 5/25/2017
1.10.0-beta2 80 5/25/2017 88 5/22/2017 92 2/3/2017 96 1/30/2017 145 1/14/2017 86 1/27/2017 128 1/10/2017 123 1/10/2017 121 1/9/2017 127 1/5/2017