XtremeDocumentStudio.NETHTML 18.1.1

Gnostice XtremeDocumentStudio .NET ASP.NET Document Viewer (Server)

Gnostice XtremeDocumentStudio .NET Multi-format ASP.NET Document Viewer is the next-generation multi-format document-viewing technology for .NET developers. The DocumentViewer control supports viewing, form-filling, text searching (with OCR support) and printing PDF, DOCX, DOC, TXT, BMP, JPEG, PNG, WMF, EMF, and single-page and multi-page TIFF. It works on both desktop(Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Linux, Mac OS X) and mobile browsers (IOS, Android, Windows Phone).

Install-Package XtremeDocumentStudio.NETHTML -Version 18.1.1
dotnet add package XtremeDocumentStudio.NETHTML --version 18.1.1
paket add XtremeDocumentStudio.NETHTML --version 18.1.1
The NuGet Team does not provide support for this client. Please contact its maintainers for support.

Release Notes

Version 2018 R1 - May 24th, 2018
- ASP.NET Document Viewer
- appSettings (in Web.Config)
- Introduced an additional option for "DocumentCache" property to cache the input document to database.
- Introduced "DBConnectionStringName" property to specify the database connection string name.
- Introduced “DBCleanupRetentionTime” property to specify the number of days to retain a document’s processed data since the time the document was last viewed.
- Introduced “DBCleanupIntervalTime” property to specify the database cleanup time in days.
- Renamed the option “License-Key” to “LicenseKey”.
- Server-side features:
- Introduced new document cache store (database). This enables efficient document viewing, especially when using multiple servers in a load-balanced setup.
- Client-side features:
- Introduced loadDocumentFromServer(serverDocumentPath: string) API to view document from server document path.
- Animation is added for progressive page count for flow-based documents.
- WinForms Document Viewer
- Introduced a new property “MouseMode” in DocumentViewer to change the mouse pointer actions. It provides three options: pan, selection and marquee zoom.
- Introduced area selection in the document viewer control.
- Introduced drag and zoom feature in document viewer control.
- Implemented Zonal OCR, where an area can be selected through viewer and the cropped image of the selected area is returned through a mouse event and the image can be sent to digitization engine to make it searchable.
- XtremeDigitizationEngine
- Added image preprocessing techniques to improve accuracy of recognized text.
- Upgraded to Tesseract version 3.0.2
- Word Engine
- Added functionality to optionally enable "WordPerfect 6.x for Windows" style text justification.

- ASP.NET Document Viewer
- Incorrect handling of Bookmarks in disk caching.
- Incorrect handling of radio buttons at client side when its radio items are in different pages.
- Font color is not considered while rendering form fields.
- Radio button’s interactivity is lost due to Z-index issue.
- Form field parsing issue where the caption of push button is not being fully read.
- Checkboxes which acts as radio buttons are not checked while rendering.
- PDF Engine
- Updated fault tolerance logic to handle faults such as incorrect xref offset specified in startxref, null reference exception if a valid PDF object is not present, same object offsets values in xref table entries and incorrect /Prev entry in the trailer dictionary.
- Bookmarks’ actions modification issue where the edited bookmarks changes are not saved in the output document.
- Text field rendering issue where the flags are not processed for a child textfield.
- Individual glyph positioning value specified before first character in TJ operator is not handled.
- FontList.XML file is not created when the base directory doesn’t have write permission. So creation path is changed to temporary folder.
- Formfield’s coordinates are calculated relative to the current page even if the field does not belong to the page.
- Saving the document results in blank pages when the page content stream in the loaded document already contains a new-line character at the beginning of the stream.
- Captions of push button not being read correctly from the appearance stream when the caption is split across multiple text rendering operators.
- Word Engine
- DOCX rendering issue where image in the header and table are not rendered.
- Table rendering issue where paragraph borders inside the nested table cells are overflowing.
- Table rendering issue where the text position is incorrect inside the table.
- Exception thrown when rendering Text run which has a zero font size.
- DOC format parsing issue where the engine hangs when a corrupted file is loaded.
- Rendering Issue where table row overflowing a page is not being handled correctly.
- Rendering Issue where table row with "cantSplit" property set to true is not being handled correctly.
- Rendering Issue where table rows with "exact" height is not being handled correctly
- If a numbered paragraph in a table cell overflows to a new page then the overflowed text is not being laid out properly.
- Incorrect clipping of rectangles while rendering table cell contents.
- Page wise conversion from DOCX to text produces files with incorrect contents.
- Exception thrown when converting DOCX to HTML because of invalid URI in the document.
- Minor theme fonts are not parsed properly resulting in using incorrect font while rendering DOCX file.
- Text lines are not rendered properly when a paragraph has spaces at the end of the line and it is out of boundary.
- Alternate font not being considered resulting in rendering text with wrong font.
- Parsing issue with different locales.
- Line spacing is not applied to an empty paragraph resulting in less paragraph spacing.
- Incorrect paragraph spacing when paragraph contains section break.
- Increase in table height when there are nested tables as an extra paragraph spacing is added in the end.
- Trailing spaces are not ignored when aligning a paragraph to right or center resulting in wrong alignment.
- Rendering issue where Default table style is not being applied.
- Words and characters are bunching up together due to insufficient inter-word and inter-character spacing.
- DOC rendering issue with Large headers resulting in infinite page rendering.
- Spreadsheet Engine
- Byte order is not considered while parsing cell formats. It is always parsed in single byte order resulting in wrong cell format.
- Incorrect calculation of cell value while parsing when it has a floating point number.
- XLSX parsing issue where “Very Hidden” sheet state is not handled resulting in incorrect rendering.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
18.1.1 (current) 107 6/4/2018
18.1.0 71 5/24/2018
17.5.0 220 12/26/2017
17.4.0 261 7/26/2017
17.2.0 228 5/8/2017
17.1.0 413 1/6/2017
16.6.1 181 11/7/2016
16.6.0 150 10/21/2016
16.5.0 172 8/8/2016
16.4.0 164 6/24/2016
16.3.0 246 5/7/2016
16.2.0 202 2/23/2016
16.1.0 162 2/8/2016
15.20.0 223 12/16/2015
15.19.0 179 11/20/2015
15.18.0 185 10/23/2015
15.16.0 217 9/8/2015
15.15.0 179 9/3/2015
15.14.0 251 8/12/2015
15.13.0 230 7/11/2015
15.12.0 244 6/30/2015
15.11.0 250 6/15/2015
15.10.0 270 5/15/2015
15.9.0 246 4/29/2015
15.8.0 251 4/20/2015
15.7.0 235 4/3/2015
15.6.0 241 3/23/2015
15.5.0 263 3/6/2015
15.4.0 245 2/23/2015
15.3.0 241 2/11/2015
15.2.0 251 2/3/2015