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An example of integrating ZingChart (v2.5.0) javascript charts with your .NET application can be found here: https://github.com/zingchart-demos/.net

To install ZingChart, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

Install-Package ZingChart -Version 2.5.0

Release Notes

**Potentially breaking change!**

ZingChart now works well with Flexbox. This is a potential breaking change as ZingChart now has some new behaviors related to `zingchart.render({height})` attribute.

In previous versions of ZingChart the height would default to 480px if no container height was defined and no height was defined in `zingchart.render()`

If a user defines `zingchart.render({height:100%})` then the default height is no longer `480px`. Now, if the container height is `0px` it will look like the chart has not rendered because the chart inherited that height.

The easiest way to alleviate this problem is to set a min height on the container element using CSS.

<img src="//demos.zingchart.com/view/2XX1A6I3/flexbox2.gif" alt="flexbox gif unavailable" style="border: 1px solid #999;box-shadow: 10px 10px 5px 0px rgba(230,230,230,1);">

ZingChart now works well with Flexbox.  [Demo](//demos.zingchart.com/view/TIBE711B)
## New Features

* Selection tool. [Demo](//demos.zingchart.com/view/5I7XU8YU)

* Stream Graphs. [Demo](//demos.zingchart.com/view/W9E2O6PF)

* Stream Graph feed. [Demo](//demos.zingchart.com/view/04P3M4GM)

* New event for context menu. You can use it to turn off right click on nodes in the following [Demo](//demos.zingchart.com/view/LY5WA4AY)

## Updated Features

* added `jsRule` on radar charts.

* background image position has been adjusted for radial charts.

* treemap has new layout options:
  * [random](//demos.zingchart.com/view/8GTQVAJW)

  * [squarify](//demos.zingchart.com/view/NFOJM2JB)

  * [squarifyV2](//demos.zingchart.com/view/R78H1O4U)

  * [balancedV2](//demos.zingchart.com/view/G5DTROQ2) default is `balanced`

* added a new hover layer for plot hover state. You can now have hoverstate behind certain items like scales. This option can be enabled with `zingchart.DEV.PLOTSHLAYER`.

* added new `active` attribute in the `zoom` object to allow disabling of the `zoom mask.`

* If legend item and marker are set to `{visible: false}` the legend will become invisible.

* Selected state now preserved on graph API interactions and resize events.

- Token `%pie-total-value` works with decimals attribute.

- Gauge default tooltip color now inherits from background color.

## Bug Fixes

* Fixed individual plot toggling visibility through API methods `appendseriesdata` and `setseriesdata`

* Fixed issue with trailing `$` crashing `JVM` on `plot_name`

* Fixed treemap bug with clicking and deleting characters from title name

* Fixed `jsRule` in `valueBox` objects only being called once

* Fixes on canvas text rendering

* Zooming a chart, hovering nodes, then returning zoom level with `viewall` issue fixed.

* Fixed bug with multiple scales and multiple stacked chart types.

* Fixed bug with multiple chords on the same page.

* Fixed bug with bar plots not being drawn at all when visible:false is set to a series.

* Fixed issue 3d ring charts side wall missing.

## Documentation Updates

* New [Maps Documentation](//www.zingchart.com/docs/charttypes/interactive-maps/)

* New [Docs Navigation](//www.zingchart.com/docs/)





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ZingChart 2.5.0 (this version) 1,339 Friday, October 14, 2016
ZingChart 2.4.0 202 Wednesday, July 6, 2016
ZingChart 2.3.3 158 Friday, May 13, 2016
ZingChart 1.1.0 190 Monday, May 9, 2016
ZingChart 1.0.0 161 Monday, May 9, 2016