1.0.26 License Info 1.0.26

Updated May-19-2019

ISP Session License Terms between you (Company) and ADC Cure (provider of the component), Amsterdam, Netherlands.
You should accept these terms before using as a product, provided by ADC Cure.
Usage of ISP Session is at your own risk. ADC Cure does not accept any claims related to using ISP Session. 
Purchase of ISP Session is done through either Paypal, or an IBAN transfer. Normally, the payment must be received before a license is issued. 
Target: Classic ASP/ASP.NET and AspNetCore environments. ISP Session comes with several license models for these environments above. 
- 2 Instances per web application (pool within IIS) 
- 6 Instances per web application (pool within IIS) 
- Unlimited number of Session instances per pool You get a copy of the source code, as a backup. 
- Bulk. You have unlimited distribution for your customers, except for reselling the ISP License AS IS.
You also get a copy of the source code. 
In case that the license you purchased, seems to become insufficient, say, 3 instances are required but limited to 2, ISP Session will only try to eventlog this (depends on access rights) and introduce a delay, which slows down a bit. You are responsable for monitoring, if this is the case. 

Demo version 
ISP session is provided on Nuget as a demo version. Each package will expire at the end of the month. After expiration, a http nagging (this is a demo) message will appear, that probably will make the site malfunction. Therefore, do never deploy ISP Session Demo, on a production environment. If you wish to extent the demo, just redeploy the latest version. Notify us, in case you need the demo extended anytime. 
License validity and length. 
Each license is valid for a specific environment. So, ISP Session for Classic ASP, requires a different license than the one for classic ASP.NET. Licenses do not expire and are not a subscription. A license is valid for specified domains/workgroups/servers, which includes developer stations. In case if a license needs to be regenerated, ADC Cure might charge a small fee for that. Licences will not expire. If a major version number changes, e.g. version 9.0 becomes 9.1, a upgrade license is required. Licenses are not transferable to other companies outside your business. 
Dependency disclaimer
REDIS. ISP Session will be tested on specific Redis server environment. The least required version is 2.8. However, ADC Cure, cannot garuantee that any future REDIS release, would break functionality. 
ADC Cure will never collect data from your sessions. Except if you create a log file, for debugging purpose, that log file may contain information that you wish to review first, before sending the log. In any way, ISP Session is not able to collect and push any of your web application data to external processes outside of your IT. 
Troubleshouting & support. 
ADC Cure mostly fixes bugs within 2 workdays. However, it is essential that you provide logs and steps to reproduce any issue. 2 Months after purchasing ISP Session, ADC Cure might charge a reasonable fee for troubleshouting. Within 2 months, any issues that need to be addressed, are 'free tickets'.