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Yaplex's Azure Storage Library
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  • Latest version: 1.0.6
  • azure table storage
Classes for simplified access Azure Tables. Some ideas was borrowed from Dapper.Rainbow. Source code available on Github. https://github.com/yaplex/azure-storage
xTrace exception and message logging
Easy integration of exception and audit logging with Azure Table storage and SQL Tables. The SQL integration allows rich reporting of exception and auditlog details.
Azure TableEntityAdapter
Adapter class to allow reading and writing simple and complex POCO objects to azure table storage without inheriting from TableEntity class or implementing ITableEntity interface. POCO class you want to write to table storage can have multiple layers of nested complex properties and can be a struct.... More information
Hallmanac - Azure Cloud Table
In short, it enables the ability for POCO's to NOT have to inherit from TableEntity by saving them as JSON blobs and allows for secondary indexes to be defined via a contextually managed set of Index Name Keys (used as the Table Partition Key). 1.2.0 -- Fixed bug that was introduced in the last... More information