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  • Latest version: 1.1.17040.3290
  • XAct XActLib
An XActLib assembly: Domain object required to support UI development.
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  • last updated 11/14/2019
  • Latest version: 2.1.137
Olive Framework
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  • last updated 7/8/2016
  • Latest version: 1.2.0
  • trackable data
POCO, list, dictionary, set and container which can track changes. These changes can be saved or rollbacked or replayed to another object.
This official URF framework minimizes the surface area of your ORM technlogy from disseminating in your application. Framework provides an elegant way to implement a reusable and extensible Unit of Work and Repository pattern.
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  • last updated 4/6/2016
  • Latest version: 12.5.0
Myre: An XNA Game Framework (Entity/Scene Management Library)
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  • last updated 11/15/2016
  • Latest version: 4.3.0
Provides types that retrieve information about assemblies, modules, members, parameters, and other entities in managed code by examining their metadata. These types also can be used to manipulate instances of loaded types, for example to hook up events or to invoke methods. Commonly Used... More information
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  • last updated 11/5/2019
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