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This is a plugin for DocFX to split REST API into tag level pages. Operations with the same tag are grouped into one page. If operation is in multiple tags, it would be included in first tag level page. This package contains the plugin for RestApi document processor only.
This is a plugin for DocFX to split ManagedReference classes into member level pages. Members with the same overload name are grouped into one page, members with no overload are splited to one page per member. This package contains the plugin for ManagedReference document processor only.
The DocFx support for the Cake.Issues addin for Cake allows you to read warnings from DocFx log files. This addin provides the aliases for reading warnings from DocFx log files and provides them to the Cake.Issues addin. It also requires the core Cake.Issues addin. There are also additional addins... More information
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.NET Standard documentation project template Install with command dotnet new -i "Zahasoft.Skele.Docfx" or dotnet new -i "Zahasoft.Skele::*" for all my templates.