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  • Geocoding
This is a serverside wrapper (.NET and NodeJS) library to some common geocoding services that allow the conversion of an address/place into its latitude and longitude from the server (not client/javascript). This library in its current form returns basic information (latitude and longitude) and... More information
Bing Geocoding Helper. A wrapper for the Bing Geocoding API. Geocode by either an address or query (i.e. "ATL" or "LGA")
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  • Geocoding .NET
A simple .NET library which utilizes Google's Geocoding API to geocode street addresses.
An offline reverse geocoding library for .Net coded in C#. Based on the awesome Java lib by AReallyGoodName. All the geocoding data can be gotten from: http://download.geonames.org/export/dump/
Library for utilizing geocoding (forward and reverse), in addition to address lookups, with the Nominatim HTTP API.