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a hetzner cloud api library for .NET Standard. documentation at: https://github.com/lk-code/hetzner-cloud-api-net/wiki
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Gandorphi Framework package. - Observable to inherit(INotifyPropertyChanged) - ApiConsumerBase (using newtonsoft.Json and System.Net.Http)
Fully managed library providing various random number generators and distributions. More precisely, this library offers 7 generators (ALF, MT19937, Standard, XorShift128, NR3, NR3Q1, NR3Q2), 6 discrete distributions (Bernoulli, Binomial, Categorical, DiscreteUniform, Geometric, Poisson) and 21... More information
WixNuGetPackager enables the distribution of Windows Installer XML (WiX) libraries and extensions using NuGet packages. WixNuGetPackager is itself distributed as a NuGet package which can be installed in WiX library or extension projects. Once installed in a project, WixNuGetPackager extends the... More information
This package is for use with Service Bus WCF programing model. The extensions enables you to mark parts of your data model [DataContract] as promoted properties. These marked properties are then automatically lifted and promoted in the outgoing BrokeredMessage. Sample usage: ========== public... More information