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  • last updated 6/13/2012
  • Latest version: 0.3.1
  • F# FSharp Algorithm
Bumblebee is an Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) algorithm developed in F#. The algorithm is a randomized search method that mimics the behavior of bee hives: it dispatches "bees" to search for new solutions or explore the neighborhood of known solutions, and allocates new searches based on the quality... More information
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  • last updated 2/3/2017
  • Latest version: 2.0.6243.28227
  • RSN Bumblebee
Bumblebee with a few small changes we found necessary for automating within SalesForce
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  • last updated 1/10/2020
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.net core webapi and websocket gateway service component
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  • last updated 5/31/2018
  • Latest version: 1.1.4
Plugin for .net that allows you to easily integrate all testing activities with HP ALM without having to write a single line of code
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  • last updated 1/4/2020
  • Latest version: 1.3.3
Beetlex webapi gateway json web token plugin
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  • last updated 2/14/2017
  • Latest version: 0.1.6253.33293
  • RSN Bumblebee
Bumblebee extensions written to support a specific automation suite