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Dos.ORM使用MySql数据库需要额外引用此库。 Dos.ORM于2009年发布、2015年正式开源,该组件已在大量成熟项目中应用。初期开发过程中参考了NBear与MySoft,吸取了他们的一些精华,加入新思想,后期参考EF的Lambda语法进行大量扩展。官方网站:https://www.itdos.com/dos/orm/index.html,交流Q群:60831381
  • 7,487 total downloads
  • last updated 8/6/2020
  • Latest version: 2.8.0
  • 2,017 total downloads
  • last updated 4/8/2018
  • Latest version: 1.1.1
CompositionRoot do LightInject para criação dos Daos do Razor.Orm
  • 11,883 total downloads
  • last updated 1/24/2015
  • Latest version: 1.0.0
Very simple package with just one command. Runs a DOS command and returns the output as a string, just as you would from command line but in C# code.
  • 120,578 total downloads
  • last updated 8/22/2016
  • Latest version: 4.0.304
  • utility utilities
Craig's Utility Library is one of the largest collections of utility classes and extension methods for .Net. It includes code to help with tasks including encryption, compression, serialization, file management, email, image manipulation, SQL, various file formats (CSV, iCal, etc.), randomization,... More information