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A library to read and write JSON configuration files using strongly typed interfaces. The library uses Castle DictionaryAdapter to create interface implementations at runtime setting the properties with values from the configuration file. It also supports configuration interface validation using... More information
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NetMX WS-Management connector
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NetMX HTTP protocol adaptor
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DirectToMX allows you to send email directly to a the inbox of the recipient, bypassing your local SMTP server. Ideal for high volume, low reliability scenarios. You will need a account on directtomx.com to use this package
MxGeneralIo KDMF Driver
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MxGeneralIo KDMF Driver for Windows XP
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.NET port of Java Management Extensions
GLEW Multi-Context Redist
Redistributable components for package 'glew_mx'. This package should only be installed as a dependency. (This is not the package you are looking for).
PowerTCP Sockets for .NET
A suite of network communication classes for creating client and server applications. Includes high-performance Server, Tcp, Udp, Dns, and Ping classes, with support for IPv6 and SSL/TLS 1.0+ encryption. PowerTCP Sockets for .NET is a licensed product. If no development license is present, the... More information
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Libreria con las utilidades utilizadas en los proyectos C# de NERDO.mx
MEFX Diagnostic Library
The Composition Analysis Tool (Mefx) is a command-line application that analyzes library (.dll) and application (.exe) files containing Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) parts. The primary purpose of Mefx is to provide developers a way to diagnose composition failures in their MEF applications... More information
GLEW Multi-Context
The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library (GLEW) is a cross-platform open-source C/C++ extension loading library. GLEW provides efficient run-time mechanisms for determining which OpenGL extensions are supported on the target platform. OpenGL core and extension functionality is exposed in a single... More information
WebApi BinaryMediaTypeFormatter
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  • Latest version: 1.0.5
BinaryMediaTypeFormatter to use Stream as input/output value for a WebApi controller
MailBee.NET Objects
A set of e-mail components which implement IMAP, SMTP, POP3, Exchange Web Services, SSL/TLS support, parsing and building MIME and S/MIME messages, Outlook .MSG and .PST conversions, mail merge over database, OAuth 2.0, DNS MX lookup, e-mail address validation, parsing winmail.dat, bounced messages... More information
RCITelemetry Helper
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  • Latest version: 0.5.0
Azure Application Insights Wrapper for RCI Mex Apps
RCITelemetry Helper Signed
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  • last updated 2/16/2016
  • Latest version: 1.0.0
Signed Version of Azure Application Insights Wrapper for RCI Mex Apps
IP*Works! 2016 .NET Edition
IP*Works! is a comprehensive framework of easy-to-use components for Internet development, including FTP, HTTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, LDAP, DNS, SMS, SOAP, etc.