Amido.Net.Http.Formatting.YamlMediaTypeFormatter 1.0.0-PreRelease73

ASP.NET Web API YAML MediaTypeFormatter

MediaTypeFormatter allowing the use of YAML (YAML Ain't Markup Language) as a the MIME-Type or content-type in ASP.NET Web API.  Both serialization and deserialization are supported allowing web services to both emit and accept YAML in place of XML or JSON.

The underlying YAML parsing and rendering function is provided by Antoine Aubry's excellent YamlDotNet, as such it is possible to configure the serialization and deserialization process through a series of public properties on the MediaTypeFormatter.

YAML is described as "a human friendly data serialization standard for all programming languages".  Like XML, it allows to represent about any kind of data in a portable, platform-independent format.  Unlike XML, it is "human friendly", which means that it is easy for a human to read or produce a valid YAML document.

MediaTypeFormatters are .NET Classes that allow you to accept and emit different media types using ASP.NET Web API.  Out of the box Web API includes support for JSON, BSON and XML, additional Media Types can be added through MediaTypeFormatters.

YamlMediaTypeFormatter is released under the Apache 2.0 license, which entitles you to freely use the product in both commercial, non-commercial and open source projects provided the license is distributed with the product.  YamlDotNet is released under the MIT License which which has similar provisions for use in any type of software.

This is a prerelease version of Amido.Net.Http.Formatting.YamlMediaTypeFormatter.
Install-Package Amido.Net.Http.Formatting.YamlMediaTypeFormatter -Version 1.0.0-PreRelease73
dotnet add package Amido.Net.Http.Formatting.YamlMediaTypeFormatter --version 1.0.0-PreRelease73
paket add Amido.Net.Http.Formatting.YamlMediaTypeFormatter --version 1.0.0-PreRelease73
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Release Notes

Initial Release.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.0.0-PreRelease73 277 1/31/2017
1.0.0-PreRelease72 217 1/31/2017
1.0.0-PreRelease71 217 1/31/2017
1.0.0-PreRelease70 436 5/29/2015
1.0.0-PreRelease69 333 5/29/2015
1.0.0-PreRelease68 334 5/29/2015
1.0.0-prerelease67 321 5/28/2015
1.0.0-prerelease54 328 5/28/2015
1.0.0-prerelease53 327 5/28/2015
1.0.0-prerelease52 319 5/28/2015
1.0.0-prerelease51 326 5/28/2015
1.0.0-prerelease50 324 5/28/2015
1.0.0-prerelease49 331 5/28/2015
1.0.0-prerelease48 322 5/28/2015
1.0.0-prerelease47 327 5/28/2015
1.0.0-prerelease46 346 5/28/2015
1.0.0-prerelease43 329 5/28/2015
1.0.0-prerelease42 323 5/28/2015
1.0.0-prerelease41 330 5/28/2015
1.0.0-prerelease40 331 5/28/2015
1.0.0-prerelease39 311 5/26/2015
1.0.0-prerelease35 312 5/25/2015
1.0.0-prerelease34 317 5/24/2015
1.0.0-prerelease33 326 5/24/2015
1.0.0-prerelease32 311 5/24/2015
1.0.0-prerelease31 315 5/24/2015
1.0.0-prerelease30 316 5/24/2015
1.0.0-prerelease29 323 5/24/2015
1.0.0-prerelease28 354 5/24/2015
1.0.0-prerelease27 309 5/24/2015
1.0.0-prerelease26 316 5/24/2015
1.0.0-prerelease25 322 5/24/2015
1.0.0-prerelease24 318 5/23/2015
1.0.0-prerelease23 312 5/23/2015
1.0.0-Local 232 1/31/2017