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Azure Search Client Library


This client library enables working with Microsoft Azure Search service which includes the ability of searching for documents within self-defined indexes.

The client library is designed for .NET Framework 4.5 applications and allows leveraging the full set of functionalities available within the Azure Search service from within you C#/VB.NET apps.

For release notes, see http://alexmang.ro/azure-search-client-library/change-log

Alex Mang's blog - http://alexmang.ro

To install Azure Search Client Library, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

Install-Package AzureSearchClient -Version 0.6.5370.1398

Release Notes

◦filtering query generator updated
◦added support for all scoring profiles
◦no longer required to specify any action types when adding a new document to the index
◦documents can now be updated using the UpdateDocumentAsync and UpdateDocumentsAsync methods
◦documents can now be deleted calling the DeleteDocumentAsync method
◦when the type restricts specific properties, changing a field's type to one of these types automatically updates the field's properties to the restricted default values too (e.g. IsSeachable default to false for Boolean fields)
◦IntelliSense support added
◦new geography point type (GeographyPoint) added
◦new method for querying documents by using complex queries (SimpleQuery class) added
◦updating an index now works by calling UpdateAsync on the Index directly, rather than calling UpdateIndexAsync on the Indexes repository
◦bug fix applied when calling the LookupAsync method
◦bug fix applied when adding a batch of indexes using the CreateDocumentsAsync method
◦further performance improvements applied when serializing data
◦changed namespace from AzureSearch to AzureSearchClient in order to prevent confusion
◦additional useless classes have been completely eliminated
◦additional useless methods have been completely eliminated
◦some more bug fixes



Alex Mang


Copyright 2014 Alex Mang



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Azure Search... 0.8.5522.36498 19,784 Friday, February 13, 2015
Azure Search... 0.7.5444.27905 577 Thursday, November 27, 2014
Azure Search... 0.6.5370.1398 (this version) 501 Saturday, September 13, 2014
Azure Search... 0.5.5355.2536 429 Friday, August 29, 2014