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CSharpTest.Net.Library - A completely...



A collection of unrelated helper classes and utilities for a wide variety of


- Base classes like Disposable, Comparable, Equatable

- Configuration based UserSettings

- Object cloning and deep cloning

- Disposable lists

- OrdinalList / set operations on bits

- SetList / set operations on small lists

- Parsing command-line arguments

- Complete command-line interpreter

- BinaryComparer and ReferenceComparer implementations

- Cryptography AES Rijndael RSA Process PBKDF2 Hash Salt Password PasswordKey

SaltedData SecureString Whirlpool HashStream Secure Transfer over PKI

- Thread safe EventHandler for WinForms

- Base64Stream ByteEncoding HexEncoding HexStream Safe64Encoding Safe64Stream

- Xml and Html Parser and DOM tree with XSLT/XPath support

- Missing interfaces like IClonable<T> IFactory<T> and ITransactable

- IO Stream utilities Aggregate stream base, ClampedStream, CombinedStream

DisposingStream NonClosingStream CopyStream MarshallingStream StreamCache

- TempDirectory and TempFile to manage temporary file resources

- FragmentedFile storing multiple streams of data in a single file

- IpcChannel for fully connected cross process event broadcasting

- ProcessRunner and AssemblyRunner to run command-line and capture output

- ScriptRunner to run a variety of common script types and capture output

- Property and nested property value serializer via reflection

- Binary and Text serializaiton for most common .NET types

- ArgumentList for parsing command-line switch arguments

- FileList a collection of FileInfo's

- ILockStrategy and ILockFactory to abstract reader/writer locking

- SimpleReadWriteLocking based on Monitor.Enter (faster than the two built

in Reader/Writer locks)

- Lock diagnostics and statistics like debug locking, counter locking

- MutexLock a Disposable wrapper for a Mutex

- SafeLock a Disposable wrapper for Monitor.Enter

- WorkQueue for Action and Action<T> delegates

- WaitAndContinue single-thread work list based on wait handles

- ObjectKeepAlive to keep a limited reference list to WeakReferences

- WeakReference<T> a strongly typed derivation of WeakReferences

- RegexPatterns a list of commonly used patterns

To install CSharpTest.Net.Library - A completely random set of classes for a set of equally random purposes, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

Install-Package CSharpTest.Net.Library -Version 1.11.924.348



Roger Knapp


Copyright 2008-2011 by Roger Knapp, Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0



This package has no dependencies.

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