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Code Effects Business Rule Engine

Code Effects is one of the fastest business rules engines that allows creation, modification, validation and evaluation of complex business rules, as well as creation and execution of complex rule-based data filters for virtually all established LINQ providers. Using its web interface, business users can create rules or filters by selecting options from a series of context-sensitive drop-down menus. This IntelliSense-like approach is unique to web-based business rule management. With Code Effects integrated into your project, the most complex business rules can be authored without any knowledge of programming languages. Detailed documentation can be found at CodeEffects.com/Doc

To install Code Effects Business Rule Engine, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

Install-Package CodeEffects.Rule -Version

Release Notes

1. Added new disable() and enable() public methods to client API. Use these methods to enable or disable the entire rule editor without clearing the current rule or reloading the DOM.

2. Added support for nested interface inheritanse: when an interface is used as a source object all elements from its base interfaces can now be used in rules.

3. Added support for an expression tree caching in Data Filtering feature.

4. Implemented an improved way of rule compilation that increased overall performance of the rule engine.

5. Fixed an issue that was preventing rule editor to poroperly validate a rule in which Contains or Does Not Contain operators were used.

6. Fixed an issue where Contains, Ends With and Starts With operators were ignoring value typed enum collections.



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