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CodeDOM Providers for .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn")
Replacement CodeDOM providers that use the new .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") compiler as a service APIs. This provides support for new language features in systems using CodeDOM (e.g. ASP.NET runtime compilation) as well as improving the compilation performance of these systems.... More information
This is a navigation management system that comes set up for attribute based navigation. Navigation sets are grouped by developer-defined contexts and can be added to or retrieved almost anywhere using the MvcNav extensions. Includes a basic navigation partial view and a readme to get you started.... More information
HttpHandler for showing analysed IIS logs summary as a web page. Idea is this: you schedule Eila.Analyser to press your IIS logs, then add Eila.HttpHandler to your website and you have a page, where you can view charts and access data in csv format from IIS logs analysis.
Attributed routing for ASP.NET Web API
Allows you to use attributes instead of handcoding the routing table for your Web API controllers. Check out the project URL for more information on how to use this package.