NReco.PivotData.Extensions 1.3.7

PivotData Toolkit (extends NReco.PivotData library): advanced components for pivot table reports generation + exports (HTML, JSON, CSV, Excel, PDF, DataTable), formatting wrappers (percentage/difference/topN), CSV/TSV/JSON/SQL data sources, extract-transform-load (ETL), keyword-based filter etc.

Install-Package NReco.PivotData.Extensions -Version 1.3.7
dotnet add package NReco.PivotData.Extensions --version 1.3.7

Release Notes

Note: without a valid license key, PivotData Toolkit components will work in TRIAL MODE (with some limitations / trial notices).

v.1.3.7 changes:
- fixed incorrect difference percentage calculation in DifferencePivotTable (now works like in Excel)
- now FixedPivotData uses pregrouped totals if they are present in PivotDataState (the same behavior as in PivotData class)
- now GroupedSourceReader supports all standard aggregator types (CountUnique, Variance etc)
- now it is possible to specify variance value mode (as 2nd parameter) for "Variance" aggregator in PivotDataFactory

v.1.3.6 changes:
- added RunningValuePivotTable wrapper: calculates running total (or running value for specified aggregator)
- added HeatmapPivotTable that highlights max values (HTML/Excel writers only)
- fixed issue with PivotTableHtmlWriter (invalid character exception)
- fixed issue with AggregatorFactoryConfiguration.Equals
- fixed issue with DifferencePivotTable (argument null exception)

Complete changes log:

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.3.7 (current version) 85 7/26/2017
1.3.6 131 6/26/2017
1.3.5 277 3/15/2017
1.3.4 394 2/1/2017
1.3.3 278 12/2/2016
1.3.2 196 10/18/2016
1.3.1 133 9/16/2016