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[PDF Reader. PDF Control. PDF Component]

PDFNet SDK is the ultimate PDF toolkit.

With PDFNet components you can build reliable & speedy applications that can view, create, print, edit, and annotate PDFs ... across operating systems.

Developers use PDFNet SDK to read, write, and edit PDF documents compatible with all published versions of PDF specification (including the latest ISO32000). The extensive PDF library API supports most common use-case scenarios such as:

* PDF Viewing & Collaboration

* PDF Rasterization

* PDF Printing

* PDF Form filling and flattening

* PDF Split & Merge

* PDF Stamping

* Dynamic PDF generation (e.g. FlowDocument & Xaml to PDF)

* PDF Text extraction and indexing

* PDF Packages

* PDF Layers (OCGs)

* PDF Editing

* PDF Encryption

* Manipulate PDF bookmarks, links, and annotations.

* PDF Optimization

* PDF conversion to XML, HTML, XPS, SVG, TIF, etc.

* PDF/A Validation and Conversion

* PDF Redaction

* PDF Conversion from XPS, MS Office, HTML, XAML, TXT, TIFF etc.

* HTML to PDF Conversion

To install PDFNet SDK, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

Install-Package PDFNet -Version

Release Notes

New Features
* Support for JavaScript actions. This can be enabled using PDFNet.EnableJavaScript and includes the following interactive PDF features:
  * Automatically recalculated fields. Automatically recalculated fields example
  * Verification of user input.Verification of user input example
* Built-in DOC-to-PDF conversion support.
* Export to individual color separations using PDFDraw.
  * Rather than converting to an output format such as RGB, PDFDraw can now preserve separations. Output can be in the form of a single N-channel TIFF, or to a number of output files, one for each separate ink in the source documentSeparation export example
* Support for the "cloudy" and "nozoom" annotation styles.
  * Rectangles and polygons can be drawn in a cloudy style, as shown. Annotations marked as "nozoom" will maintain thier size on screen at any zoom level (commonly applied to sticky notes). Cloud and nozoom annotation example
Performance Improvements
* Faster shape rasterization (0-20%).
* JBig2 decoding performance improvements (3-5x faster in many cases).
* JPEG2000: for the majority of JPEG 2000 encoded images, decoding is now faster and uses much less memory.
* Faster CMYK->RGB conversion in many cases.
* Parsing improvements: much improved performance on files with complex content streams.
Bug Fixes
* Overprint preview handling has been improved.
* More robust handling of corrupt documents.
* Improved stability when used in an interactive environment.
* Many other miscellaneous bug fixes.



PDFTron Systems Inc.


Copyright 2015



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