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The Telerik.DataAccess.Fluent NuGet package is designed for projects containing classes that are stored using Telerik Data Access. It can be utilized for defining your data access model using the code-only Fluent Mapping.

It provides the assembly references and project enhancements made by the Telerik Data Access Enhancer tool during the build process, required by Telerik Data Access runtime.

If you need a NuGet package for a project only consuming Telerik Data Access model from another assembly, the Telerik.DataAccess.Core NuGet package which contains the Telerik Data Access runtime assemblies necessary to work with Telerik Data Access persistent objects is sufficient and can be used instead.

Telerik Data Access helps defining mapping and executing create, retrieve, update and delete operations for your data access classes and database tables. It allows you to consume stored procedures and functions.

To install Telerik.DataAccess.Fluent, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package Telerik.DataAccess.Fluent

Release Notes

- Visual Studio 2015 support - You can use our NuGet packages and code mapping in Visual Studio 2015.

- Unhandled NullReferenceException during build - Fluent mappings using mappingConfiguration.MapType(x => new { }) expression will no longer break the build when using Roslyn compiler
- Handling of persistent structs - Telerik Data Access Enhancer will not handle properly persistent structs when using Roslyn compiler
- Enum values in LINQ - fixed translation of Expression trees involving Enum values when using Roslyn compiler
- BinaryStream and synchronized OpenAccessContext - fixed ArgumentNullException that was thrown when accessing BinaryStream persistent properties via thread synchronized context intances
- Improved version detection for Microsoft SQL Server product family to be compatible with Cumulative Update for SQL Server 2012 SP 2 KB3072100 (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3072100)



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Telerik.DataAcces... 2015.2.624.2 557 Friday, September 18 2015
Telerik.DataAcces... 2015.2.624.1 3,670 Wednesday, June 24 2015
Telerik.DataAcces... 2015.1.225.2 50 Friday, September 18 2015
Telerik.DataAcces... 2015.1.225.1 1,665 Wednesday, February 25 2015
Telerik.DataAcces... 2014.3.1209.2 41 Friday, September 18 2015
Telerik.DataAcces... 2014.3.1209.1 1,292 Monday, December 15 2014
Telerik.DataAcces... 2014.3.1027.1 646 Monday, October 27 2014
Telerik.DataAcces... 2014.2.918.1 894 Wednesday, September 24 2014
Telerik.DataAcces... 2014.2.711.1 868 Monday, July 21 2014
Telerik.DataAcces... 2014.2.617.2 259 Wednesday, June 18 2014
Telerik.DataAcces... 2014.1.403.2 974 Wednesday, April 09 2014
Telerik.DataAcces... 2014.1.225.3 203 Wednesday, March 12 2014
Telerik.DataAcces... 2014.1.225.2 270 Wednesday, February 26 2014
Telerik.DataAcces... 2013.3.1320.1 331 Tuesday, January 28 2014