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West Wind Utilities
.NET utility library that includes Application Configuration, lightweight ADO.NET Data Access Layer, logging, utility classes include: StringUtils, ReflectionUtils, FileUtils, DataUtils, SerializationUtils, TimeUtils, SecurityUtils and XmlUtils. These classes are useful in any kind of .NET project.
Business Logic Toolkit for .NET
Business Logic Toolkit is a set of components to simplify .NET application development.
Ewl by: wgross
Enterprise Web Library
The Enterprise Web Library (EWL), and its tailored infrastructure platform, are a complete and open solution for developing and operating web-based enterprise software.
Gribble ORM
  • 28,863 total downloads
  • last updated 11/30/2017
  • Latest version: 1.6.159
  • orm dal sql
Gribble is a simple, Linq enabled ORM designed to work with dynamically created tables.
Easily generate ad-hoc SQL code using LINQ in a strongly typed manner that allows for compile time validation of you sql scripts.
Yet Another ORM
  • 10,986 total downloads
  • last updated 7/31/2018
  • Latest version: 2018.7.31.2
ORM that uses Reflection and IL code to create POCO's and fill them with data
ELinq 是一个轻量简单易用的开源Linq ORM数据访问组件,支持Nullable类型和枚举类型,对Linq的谓词提供了完美的支持,支持根据实体类自动建库建表建关系,支持根据数据库通过T4模版自动生成实体代码,旨在让绝大部份的主流数据库都使用 Linq 来进行程序开发,让开发人员访问数据库从SQL中解放出来,易学易用上手快,配置简单,并且提供了源代码下载,方便定制。支持多数据库,目前支持Access、SQLServer、SqlCE、SQLite、MySQL、ORACLE,未来还会支持更多的数据库。