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Google Test Adapter
Adds capability to run C++ tests written with the Google Test framework to Visual Studio. Installing this test adapter via NuGet (as compared to installation through the VS Marketplace) lacks debugging and configuration through VS Options as well as the toolbar (configuration via test settings file... More information
Common Logging Adapter for Log4Net. Unlike Common.Logging.Log4Net1215 etc., this package is not tied to a particular version of Log4Net, so does not need to be upgraded for each new version of Log4Net.
NReco by: nreco
NRecoFramework: commons library for delegate adapters (partial delegate application, lazy delegate proxy), runtime type converters (adapters for collections, lists, dictionaries), lambda parser.
UIBASOFT Base Infraestructura Crosscuting NetFramework
Componente transversal de la arquitectura. Contiene un conjunto de clases que implementan los contratos para operaciones de cache, seguridad, loggin, operaciones con archivos, email, etc.
Adapter Pattern - Interfaces (Source Code)
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Only two APIs are provided: the IAdapterService and its facade extension method As in the Adapters type. You can chose to use the former service directly instead of the convenience extension method. You don't lose any testability in doing either way, although... More information