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Basic html output minifier for Razor View Engine. Based on work of https://github.com/meleze/Meleze.Web & https://github.com/Chebur9tina/HtmlOptimizerMvc4
FlexiCache for ASP.NET applications
This library provides extended cache capabilities to the ASP.NET applications. It includes the MongoDB and SQL Server output cache providers extending ASP.NET Output Cache capabilities by allowing to store cached data outside of the application process that is especially important in web-farm... More information
Entity Fix
When you call stored procedure with select and output parameters and you don't select on some conditions (for example, you're just returning an error code) — you get a mapping EntityCommandExecutionException. This package fixes this annoying behavior of EF by returning empty data set and letting you... More information
Pixie is a C# library that prints beautifully formatted output to the console. You describe your layout using a high-level API and Pixie turns it into neatly-formatted text.
DC# Converter
DC# Converter is a simple, yet powerful multi-functional conversion tool. Currently supports conversion between CSV, JSON, and XML.