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Trace logger for .NET. Easy to get started with, but has advanced features. Log viewer on codeplex.com allows filtering by thread name, logger/category name, method name, and more. Compiled help also available (.chm file).
Dynamic Properties
This project allows you easily add dynamic properties to any existing instance without creating derived type in .NET (C# or VB.NET). This approach is similar as attached dependency properties in WPF. It can be used as attribute system for complex definition of data model behavior or just to create... More information
TypeSafe.Http.Net is a type safe REST/HTTP/Web framework that automagically allows you to make service calls to servers through simple annotated interfaces. The API library consists exclusively of the interfaces that represent the API of the library. This library contains no functional classes and... More information
A library that provides a Computation Expression named SandboxBuilder, sandbox { return 42 }, which ensures that values returned from the computation are I/O side-effects safe and if not, they are marked as unsafe returning an exception.
Provides type safe versions of Enum's static methods in , and some type-safe delegates for enums. In TypeSafeEnums.TypeSafeEnum