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DEPRECATED - see https://github.com/channeladam/ChannelAdam.Core/blob/master/README.md. A core library that provides helpful functionality including base classes for disposables and finalizers, weak events, proxies, support for retry policies, XML conversion/serialisation and embedded resources.
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CVV.Disposable is a thread safe disposable base class used in many other projects.
To alleviate dealing with boilerplate coding aspects of the framework, these helper classes do the following: Event Handling - Efficient event handlers are implemented, making the implementation of event handlers easier, safer and more performant. INotifyPropertyChanged - Observable... More information
Types, interfaces & extension methods for creating or dealing with disposable resources in .Net.
Provides classes that interact with docker-machine.exe and docker.exe to automatically start machine, create and cleanup containers. Uses IDisposable for lowest ceremony to make tests shortest